What They Said

Ms. Susan Ngan, Managing Director – Target Sourcing Service/AMC Indonesia & Singapore :
“Giving back to communities is important to Target. Our reason for helping other is simple…it is the right thing to do. Our goal is to help families and support communities through program in education, social services and other vital community partnership. We are delighted to partner with HOPE worldwide Indonesia that is committed and fast to reach out to the unfortunate families for disaster relief. Through HOPE worldwide Indonesia. TSS/AMC sponsor education programs to unprivileged children and provide them with education opportunity to empower them for a better future.”

Ms. Ditta Amahorseya, Senior Vice President – Country Corporate Affairs Head, Citigroup Indonesia 
“In the last 4 years, HOPE worldwide Indonesia has been a great partner for Citigroup Indonesia and Citibank PEKA. Not only the programs serve the people in education and disaster relief, but our programs have received several national recognitions and awards. Just recently in January 2007, Citigroup Success Fund (CSF) program has been awarded the best overall public relation award in Indonesia by Mix Magazine in January 2007. CSF is also the best in objective & results category, while ranked second in three other categories. Over 400 employees volunteer every year, making CSF as the program with the largest number of our staff volunteers. We look forward to serve more Indonesians with HOPE worldwide Indonesia in years to come.”

Celline A Santilan, Regional Program Officer – Resource Alliance
“HOPE worldwide Indonesia has been assessed as having very good practices in the areas of resource mobilization and governance, accountability, transparency. And for this, your organization will be included the 2005 Asia Pacific NGO Awards publication.”

Dr. Ferdinand Laihad MPH, Head of Malaria Sub-Directorate, Ministry of Health
“We are satisfied with remarkable achievements that HOPE worldwide Indonesia has provided. The organization has already developing village malaria teams, conducting training for vector control management, conducting indoor residual spraying, strengthening health systems, etc. I am pleased to welcome continuing work of HOPE worldwide Indonesia for supporting malaria control program in Indonesia.”

Makmud Sanusi Phd. Director General for Service and Rehabilitation, Ministry of Social Affair
“We recognize HOPE worldwide Indonesia’s contribution since its establishment in 1994, through programs for street children, orphans, homeless elderly, other marginalized communities, and tsunami has been a positive support and partnership to the Ministry of Social Affairs. HOPE worldwide has a proven record of working with the Government of Indonesia to eradicate poverty for that reason, the Ministry of Social Affairs will support and endorse HOPE worldwide to continue its work for the poor through its current programs and to take more initiative in the future.”

Sandra Miniutti, Vice President, Charity Navigator
“Congratulation to HOPE worldwide for earning six consecutive 4-star ratings for sound fiscal management. Your charity is prominently featured as one of only 45 charities with 6 consecutive years of 4-start rating. Of the list, 29 are NGOs while 16 are top universities such as Harvard, Stanford, John Hopkins, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, NYU, and USC.”

Drs. Anwar BAP, licensed independent public auditor (DFK International)
“In our opinion, the financial statements of HOPE worldwide Indonesia (Yayasan Hope Indonesia) present fairly, in all material respects, the financial  position as of December 31, 2006 & 2005 and the results of its operation, and its cash flows for the years then ended in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles in Indonesia.”

Dr. Petra Heitkamp MPH, Tuberculosis Officer – World Health Organization :
“World Health Organization would like to recommend HOPE worldwide Indonesia to represent Indonesia’s NGOs in the “Asia Stakeholders Consultation” in New Delhi, India for global effort to provide more, better, faster service in Tuberculosis. Its tuberculosis control program has proven to be one of the best practices in the country adhering to the DOTS standard.”

Ms. Candy Iha, registered nurse and volunteer – Hawaii :
“I really enjoyed volunteering for HOPE worldwide Indonesia’s disaster relief programs. One opportunity in Tsunami Relief program in Nias Island inspired me to keep coming back to Indonesia a few times to serve the people. All the money saved and time away from my husband and daughter was truly rewarding, especially when I witnessed people changed; like a young girl in Jogjakarta who broke two hands and were able to get healed and re-gain her confidence for future. I recommend others from developed countries to volunteer in third world through HOPE worldwide”

Ms. Renee Chan, Student – University of Chicago Graduate School of Business:
“The University of Chicago Management Lab team has collected $1800 that we would like to donate specifically towards the Computer Training Centers that HOPE worldwide manages in Jakarta. We were all very impressed with the CTCs and the work you were doing in Jakarta and wish you the best in your efforts. It was a pleasure working with you and thank you again for all your help while we were in Indonesia. We wish you and HOPE worldwide all the best services you are providing throughout Asia.”