Profile & History

HOPE worldwide Indonesia was established in 1994 with a simple mission to love the poor. A free medical clinic was set up in Muara Baru, North Jakarta, serving the poor and vulnerable fisherman families. Close to 300 volunteers mobilized resources and 3 staffs employed to serve the poor.

We are affiliated with HOPE worldwide, an international relief & development ngo (non governmental organization) which is based in Philadelphia, USA. The organization serve close to 1 million annually in developing countries across the globe, such as India, Combadia, Russia, Afganistan, South Afrika, Kenya, Nigeria, Philipinnes, Mexico, Jamaica, Pakistan, Guatemala, Honduras, Bulgaria, Hungary, as well as developed countries like England, Singapore, Hongkong, USA, Canada, and Australia. The affiliates are the committed to the same goal, “Bringing hope Changing lives“.

Our Strategy in serving the poor and needy is by setting up Center of HOPE in vulnerable communities where different programs are delivered in the areas of Health, Education, Children, Seniors, Outreach, and Employment.

1996In 1996, HwI conducted a fundraising walk a day after big Riot on 26 July 1996. The dedicated volunteers committed to their pledge to the raise fun to build an orphanage for abandoned children. The orphanage established the next year and has cared for 78 children, which 70 of them have been adopted legally into new family.

In 1998, as economic crisis and political instability hit the country, new programs such as School Sponsorship and Computer Training Center were set up. The clinic in Muara Baru was move to serve more vulnerable communities in Plumpang, North Jakarta focusing in eradicating tuberculosis, the third killer in the country. New programs will also started in Pontianak, Surabaya, and Medan.

csfIn 2003, a new initiative came with the partnership of Citigroup Foundation through Citibank Peka (its charity body in Indonesia) by starting a new program called Citi Success Fund (CSF). The program’s objective is to provide small grants for high school teacher in Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang & Bandung in conducting creative and fun activities with the students. Annually 10,000 student are impacted from this program alone, which is planned is for four year with the possibility for extending it.

In the same year, HwI struggle to the maintain its traditional revenue from organizations that has help established and support the programs for a decade. The time has arrived for the organization to mobilize resources in achieving the vision and mission. Since then Partnerships were established with organizations such as The Global Fund, HSBC, Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical, Bristol Myers Squibb, Lion clubs, Hotel Borobudur, University of Chicago, World Food Program, World Health Organization, Bank Artha Graha as well as number of organizations committed to the vision and mission.

Year 2004 ended with a challenge of the largest ever recorded human disaster on earth, Tsunami & Earthquake on December 26th 2004. HwI  felt the burden to the relief the pain of fellow human being affected by the disaster. Within 72 hours, a relief team arrived under-developed Nias Island to provide humanitarian aid for the two thousands victims. Despite the challenge to fund raise for the efforts, we found our self to be alone in the island while the big organizations focused in Aceh.

Little did we know that the focus in Nias to help the vulnerable individuals were the right choice when another 8.7 Richter scale earthquake hit the island on March 28th, 2005. The team members on the ground managed to escape the disaster safely even though our office in Gunung Sitoli was flattened. They returned to the clinic built the previous month to serve the injured. Another team flied to the island within nine hours after the disaster on the next morning.

The relief effort was very crucial as United Nation’s World Health Organization and The Government asked HwI to lead to medical evacuation for the next few days. Since then, relief works has become a development program committed to help built the locals capacity in Health and Education. Activities such Malaria Prevention and Treatments, Play Therapies, Health Promotion, Medical Clinic, and Mobile Clinic managed to impact the lives of 70,000 people.

The experience in 2005 has brought a new challenge for HwI. It was an eye-opening of how the poverty has impacted the people, and how little has been done to alleviate it.


Currently they are 18 Center of HOPE that serves over 120,000 people (2014) supported by over 3000 dedicated volunteers.

Just as it was established twenty years ago in 1994, HOPE worldwide Indonesia, is still committed; in fact even more; to bring hope and change lives. We look forward to work in organization and individuals who share the same to vision and mission..