Rani and her new books

Stepping on muddy and dirty roads, we arrived at Rani’s house, a six year old girl whose living condition is very concerning. We visited her flooded home to give her some notebooks and storybooks because in school, Rani owns only 1 notebook. Her brother Rahma could only afford to buy her 1 notebook and if it was misplaced or torn, she wouldn’t get a replacement. He is only a parking worker. Before he was working as street musician but now he chose to be a parking attendant. He has a heavy responsibility to take care of 2 children and 3 young siblings.

Rahma brought his sister Rini to the Hope clinic in 2013, that is when we met Rani. She was 3 years old.  We then visited her home and found her living condition.

r1Rani lives with her mother and 3 older siblings.  Her father has long passed away.  They lived in a very humble home which get flooded every time there is heavy rain. They have no choice because the rent there is affordable.  We had visited this family before to give them food from STOP HUNGER NOW program and that was when we saw that their house gets the worst flooding compare to the other homes.

But this living condition doesn’t make them give up or mourn for their fate. We can see it from their happy laughter when Rani accepted the notebooks and storybooks we brought for her. Their fighting spirit to strive for a better future clearly shown on their grateful smile.


Thank you Rani for teaching us what it means to be thankful and to persevere…

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