The smiles that light up the world


‘Smile’ a simple gesture; could mean a world of difference, could give immeasurable strength to someone who is tired, comfort to the despaired or simple joy to those who is sad.
In reality, smiling is the simplest gift that we can give to others. Everyone is capable of this gift: wealthy or empty-handed could smile, because it doesn’t cost much, only sincerity and genuine heart; clever or foolish both could smile, for it doesn’t require any diploma or any education; since we were born, we were greeted with wide smiles that teaches us the joy it brings.
The healthy, sick or disabled could still smile because it doesn’t require much effort. Moreover, it has been clinically proven that smiling produces endorphin which is a natural pain and stress reliever.

smilI am grateful that God has given me the health that enables me to journey throughout the world. I smile as I learn about the activities of HOPE’s friends and volunteers; inspiring each other and aiming to love those who are in need though aid in health, education, character building and development to achieve a better future.
I smile as I join together with loved ones and friends from all over the world, to get our hands dirty in helping children and the elderlies. I smile as I see them smiling joyfully, receiving the care and love that we bring.

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