Free Medical Training at Cijayanti Village


Healthy living is not simply achieved by the absence of diseases, but it means making positive choices that enhance physical, mental and spiritual health. Improving community’s standard of living is the responsibility of the Government, achieved through the Health Department and the involvement of every one caring for one another.

The resident of the Cijayanti Village (the village where Rainbow of Love Orphanage is at) has received yearly free medical check-up for the economically challenged in the community since 2008. On 7th November, the medical assistance was carried out at Pasir Karet village, front yard of H. Acun.

Beside the check-up, the mothers were educated on healthy pregnancy habits and the importance of breast milk. This training was supported by Cijayanti Puskesmas in line with the effort from the Government to educate communities on healthy lifestyle.

About 350 residents were given aid by 5 volunteer doctors, 5 nurses a team of volunteers and staffs from HOPE worldwide Indonesia. Mr Jajang, former RW 04 said, “This medical aid is extremely helpful to the community, especially with alleviating the cost of medication and education on how daily living impacts health.”

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