Boyman Berkat Humendru

boy-ctcBoyman Berkat Humendru aka Boy was a CTC Nias student on 1993. Boy was one of the best students with very good achievement. Beside his good academic achievement, he is also a very polite and disciplined. When he finished the computer course, Boy was able to get a job at Wisma Soliga Hotel at Gunung Sitoli as a receptionist with an Rp. 1.0000.000 salary.

This February 2015, Boy got a new job at Duta Hotel in Medan as a receptionist with a 50% salary increase; not including some very welcomed tips.

Boy is very grateful to have the free computer training at Hope CTC Nias. His ability to operate the computer has helped him greatly in securing the jobs and enabled him to support his life.

Thank you for your support!! You have provided a better future for Boy (=

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