Health Program

Indonesia is a third-world country faced with many challenges, one of the major issues the country face is health matters.
HOPE worldwide Indonesia pinpoints two areas in which we focus on:

tbTuberculosis Control is a program to overcome the number three killer in Indonesia: Tuberculosis. Every year 140.000 people died in Indonesia from millions of infected. HwI free medical Clinic in Plumpang provides cure and aims to stop the disease from spreading.

Volunteers and professional doctors poured out their hearts and expertise in helping TB patients who live in poverty, bringing more hands and hearts to be involved in fighting TB in Indonesia, especially Jakarta. Working with different organisations: P2ML (Goverment body for eradication of infectious diseases) Fitplus, EMC, Creighton University and Ray White, HwI  is able to bring awareness, provide nutritional assistance and treatment for the TB patients on their road to recovery.

Now with the support from Ministry of Health, WHO, Lions Club and medic/non-medic volunteers, the TB clinic serves more than one thousand new patients annually. Each patient enrolled is given a supervisor to make sure he/she take the medicine regularly every day for 6 to 8 months because without complete treatment, TB bacilli will be even stronger, immune toward the medicines, spread to 10-15 people annually and cause death.
We hope to impact the TB patients to be cured and to be back on their feet supporting their families’ economy.
The maternal mortality rate in Indonesia is highest in Southeast Asia. By comparison, the maternal mortality in Singapore is just 6 out of 100 thousand births but in Indonesia, the number is about 19 thousand out of 100 thousand. Mother and Child Health program aims to lower the maternal mortality rate and improve their nutritional deficiency.

ihmIn 2008, HwI with the support of Prenagen and DDB, pioneered “Bringing hope with Prenagen” program, focused on the maternal health in Pedongkelan area in one of Jakarta’s poorest slum area, supporting over 300 pregnant women and educating more than 1000 woman about maternity health.

Now the seeds have grown to trees that benefit not only the pregnant women but also their children, who received their necessary vaccination. Furthermore, additional nutrition were given to children in the area and pap smear tests were also given to mothers without charge. The seeds has grown to be trees of lives, helping pregnant women to live healthily and give birth to healthy babies.