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About us

HOPE worldwide Indonesia's vision is to bring hope and change the lives in Indonesia.

HOPE worldwide Indonesia is affiliated to HOPE worldwide, an International charity with a mission to change lives by harnessing the compassion and commitment of dedicated staff and volunteers to deliver sustainable, high impact service to empower poor and needy communities.

We are committed to integrity and transparency to all stakeholders

We believe that all human being need to be served as another creation of God and we need to value each other with compassion.

We believe that every person needs to be respected despites the differences and beliefs

Hard work
We value hard work ethics among the staff highly as persons given the responsibility to mobilize the resources effectively for the goods of the needy.

We believe in unified efforts among staffs, board, volunteers and partners in achieving the vision and mission.

Learning Attitude
We are committed to keep the learning attitude and learn from other best practices as well as mistakes and problems in the past.

Pure Motivation
We believe in guarding the pure motivation in serving the needy. Without it, it will be just another activity.

We value the staff in achieving the vision and mission but committed to being flexible to do more or adjust to the plan according to the needs.

We believe that the activities should bring sustainability to the communities assisted and to the programs conducted.

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