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If we are the parents of a special need child, autism for instance, we would wonder if our child would be able to be independent or earn a living, or that the general public would view on our child negatively. This exhibition in Senayan City might open up your mind, the public could see that special need children excel in different things than that of 'normal' children.

Thomas Andika, 15, an expert in origami. With instructions from books and e-books, he is able to create many animal shaped artworks. He has folded hundreds of different origami artworks and his masterpieces are displayed in themes: Noah's ark, World of Dinosaur, The Spiders etc.

Audrey, 11, discovered her talent in painting on canvas when she was 6 and has since nurtured the talent with a facilitator's assistance. Her paintings strongly features bright colours with active objects.

These children are proud that their masterpieces are displayed and appreciated by public but that is not the sole purpose of this exhibition. Wiwi, Thomas' mom, shared, "I hope that this can inspire other parents to observe their child more intently. Every child has talents, and our task as a parent is to nurture our child for their greatest potential. My hope for Thomas is for him to be independent and as his artistic talent grows, to earn a living by doing what he loves." Sisca, Audrey's mom, express the same views..

This exhibition is organised by HOPE worldwide Indonesia with YIPABK (Indonesia Cares for Special Needs Foundation), CAE (College of Allied Educators), Shining Star and Senayan City in order to commemorate National Children's Day on 23rd July 2013. This event is held on 22-26 July 2013, launched by Women and Children's Empowerment Minister - Linda Gumelar, graced by Director of YIPABK - Budiarti Silalahi, Director of Yayasan HOPE Indonesia - Lucas, Director of Senayan City - Heny, Director of CAE - Alice Salim ,all participants and parents.

An organiser from CAE - Dominica shared,
"The goal of this exhibition is to raise our awareness that special needs children are able to create even better artworks than that of other children. We hope that the public would support these children because despite of their needs, there is a great potential to be nurtured. The theme for this exhibition is 'What Will I Be?' with the children telling their stories through photographs"

Director of YIPABK - Budiarti Silalahi shared,
"We see each child as unique. God has given them talents that others do not have. We plead for the Government's attention towards these exceptional children."

Indonesia's Women and Children's Empowerment Minister - Linda Gumelar shared,
"The Government would coordinate and advocate the needs of these children. Our implementation includes Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social, Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration and other diffrent parties to be on the forefront to eliminate discrimination, especially sexual violence. Our target is to care for the children.
Family is essential, parents seeing different things related to the child's development, focusing on how the children would be able to maximise their potential.
The Government could not have accomplished all these without the involvement of other parties including NGOs. Hand in hand and in line with Indonesia's economic growth, children with special needs would be part of our future.I hope that what is done today would be beneficial towards our country's future.
This event has given huge contribution to our society. We wish that there would be no dividers for these children to be accepted amongst their peers and to provide for these special children who are in need of financial assistance. All children must share, because many of their brothers and sisters who are special, would need all the help and guidance."